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Robotic & Vaginal Surgery

When you come to Complete Women’s Healthcare in Morgan City and Thibodaux, LA, you receive excellent care throughout your visits. We are a team of Robotic surgeons, vaginal surgeons and nurse practitioners with a passion for women’s healthcare. Dr. Morice is a world leader in Robotic minimally invasive surgery, having performed more successful robotic surgeries than 99% surgeons in the world. We work with you to create a treatment or plan that is customized to your specific needs.

Whether you are coming in for a robotic procedure, cosmetic vaginal procedure, vaginal reconstruction, clitoral hood reduction, or need wellness vaginal surgery, our team has the skill and expertise to get it done. By utilizing advanced technology and delivering compassionate care, we assure you are in good hands.

We serve women through two convenient locations in Morgan City and Thibodaux, LA.

Vaginal Procedures

At our state-of-the-art facility, we pride ourselves on the equipment and technology we use to perform vaginal procedures, such as vaginal reconstruction or rejuvenation. Through vaginal surgery, we aim to reduce pain, improve appearance, size, function, and even sensitivity.

There are various positive results and outcomes that a woman may discover or desire from vaginal surgery. Most women find they have an increase in self-confidence after their procedure. We can perform several operations, including: Vaginoplasty (tightening of the vagina), Labiaplasty (reshaping of the labia), and Vulvoplasty (reshaping of the vulva).


A vaginoplasty is the tightening of the vagina and is performed by our staff as an outpatient surgery, or, if extensive, a one night stay procedure. A vaginoplasty will help you feel more comfortable during strenuous activities, reducing urinary incontinence, and can improve the appearance of the labia. Let our team help you feel more confident in your body!


A labiaplasty is a procedure performed in the inner vaginal lips, also known as the labia minora, to minimize the size and appearance. There are various benefits to this procedure, including, increased confidence and comfort in clothing, higher sexual pleasure, reduction in pain and discomfort, and more.


A vulvoplasty is a gender-affirming surgery that creates a vulva. This procedure helps you feel more comfortable and confident in the way you look. Have genitals closer to the way you want them to, potentially reducing your dose of testosterone blockers and estrogen, and achieving sexual pleasure are just some of the benefits of this procedure. Speak with us today to learn more!

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Robotic Procedures

Complete Women’s Healthcare is a team of Robotic surgeons, vaginal surgeons, and nurse practitioners with a passion for women’s healthcare. Our robotic procedures are minimally invasive thanks to our state-of-the-art technology and talented surgeons. Our compassionate staff works hard to keep you comfortable and informed throughout your visit.

Are you interested in learning more about our vaginal or robotic surgeries?  Contact our Morgan City office at 985-702-BABY ,our Thibodaux office at 985-446-2890 or our Tubal Reversal Center at 985-518-4449.

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